In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

All praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of all mankind, jinn, and all that exists, and praises and peace upon the prophet Muhammad and his infallible progeny (peace be upon them) .

Islam pays a great attention for orphans and this appears in many Ayahs in Glorious Quran and the emphasis of the holy prophet Muhammad and his infallible progeny (Piece be upon them) about caring for this segment of the society.

The word ORPHAN is appeared in (21) Ayah in Glorious Quran in which you would see the importance of caring for orphans as well as feeling sympathy at him in order to do not let him feel of inferiority among the Muslim community and being negative person instead of being positive one.

Project Reasons

Due to the instructions of Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir Al-Najafi (may Allah prolong his life) and religious as far as moral responsibilities, the Grand Ayatollah directed Al-Anwar Foundation for Culture and Development to make the orphan’s project as much as one of its main priorities and seeking the greatest potential to absorb what could be absorbed from orphans in climates maintain their morals, education, and facilitate their living as far as deprivation and its consequent psychological complex and society hatred. Thus, Al-Anwar Foundation puts a road map in detail and gave the mission to some faithful people at (1428 Ah) that is (2007 Ad).

And the work begins under the name of (AYTAMUNA).


  1. Aytamuna Project works on accommodating 1000 orphan annually in the most governorates of Iraq by supporting them in an atmosphere preserving their morals, educations (through annual courses), and avoiding deprivation with its negative effects on Muslim community that is by granting them all the financial support.       
  2. Aytamuna Project works on a sophisticated software and electronic archiving system to each division of administration.
  3. Aytamuna Project works on finding a productive investment projects according to schedules and accurate economic studies for the purpose of finding a stable funding sources to ensure orphans. These projects for example can be mall construction, fuel stations and son so forth. Furthermore, Aytamuna management opened small business projects like supermarket and mini-plant for certain food and pastries. Thus, this was done through coordination with shopkeepers according to their tendencies and specializations.
  4. Aytamuna Project works to setup a simple residential complex that accommodates 500 orphans’ families situated in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf and then goes to other Iraqi provinces to setup the same project.
  5. Aytamuna Project works on establishing a medical complex for orphans in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf which provides all medical supplies and surgeries (minor and major).

Work Methods


  1. Aytamuna Project depends financially on well-off believers (traders or others) whether inside or outside, the legitimate (Khums & Zakat), commandments as well as the religious authority (Marjeyah).
  2. Aytamuna project provides monthly assistance which is $30 per month for the registered orphan after being sure of his need for help.
  3. Funds are raised by operating the available funds with trustworthy people to be for the benefit of the orphans.
  4. Funds are classified in accordance with the donor’s directions into legitimate right, Sayed right, and Imam (AS) Right.
  5. Aytamuna project sponsorship activities are financial, medical, educational, scientific, and psychological in addition to the legal guaranty which facilitates the needs of the registered orphans’ families with the government departments.
  6. Orphans are treated as: paternal orphans and paternal maternal orphans.
  • Aytamuna project deals with institutions and other similar organizations respectfully that is for the general interest and exchange of experiences.
  • Aytamuna project deals with both registered and unregistered orphans’ families with paternal kindness and tenderness.
  • The project tries to build from the orphan an active person in the society by covering all his financial, psychological, and scientific needs.


  1.  Family needs are verified through field inspection and evaluating the level of need.
  2.  Each family is received an application form for registration with the request of verifying documents and scripts of the family.
  3.  After verifying the validity of the submitted documents and scripts, a special application form should be filled with all required data.
  4. Insert all these data inside the orphans’ software.
  5. Inviting faithful people to sponsor the registered families that are not sponsored yet.
  6. Within a month after getting the sponsorship, the project pays 30$ per month as an assistance through a card given to the family containing file number and the name of the family.


  1. Monthly assistance is not spent for the orphan who passed the legitimate Islamic puberty, that is, after turning 15 years old for males and 15 years old for females as maximum like males.
  2. After turning 15 years old for males and females, monthly assistance is transformed to another orphans that is of course after telling the sponsor.
  3. After consulting Sponsor, the monthly assistance will be removed if the mother of the orphan has got married or they have been supported by another source and their life level is raised.
  4. The data of widows and orphans are updated twice a year, that is, each six months.

Aytamuna Project Plan Characteristics

  1. General Support

It consists of building the houses of the orphans, providing medical supplies, and setting up surgeries for ill members of their families and so on as much as possible according to the available financial budget.

  • The statistical study

Counting and studying the conditions of orphans’ families and widows in Najaf Al-Ashraf and other Iraqi provinces by Aytamuna office directly as far as other agents of other religious offices in other Iraqi provinces. However, each orphan and his/her family and each widow and her family have got file containing valid documents and being arranged into special forms for both (orphans and widows).

  • Identifying Orphans Aids

The payment is identified according to the following two categories: ($35) per month for orphans of Hawza at Annajaf Al-Ashraf, and ($30) for other orphans. Also,

Orphan’s allocated payment is given to his/her family or his/her superior like grandfather if not, his/her superior after being authorized by legitimate Islamic ruler.

So, Aytamuna project worked on inviting believers who wish to sponsor an orphan to be an example of the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP) Narration (Me myself and the orphan’s sponsor like this, and He fingers with forefinger and middle finger). Thus, the total number of sponsorship currently is (1980) distributed on (800) orphans’ families excepting the orphans and Sponsors of Hawza Students and other sponsors who provide orphans’ payments monthly.

Sometimes, remittance comes late so this makes a real problem for orphans’ families because the spent all what they have in a month. So we do recommend those faithful donors to work on their remittance to send it at required time for each month, otherwise you can pay for one year or half in order to avoid all remittance problems.

 On the other hand, the total number of orphans of Hawza students at Annajaf Al-Ashraf is (159) distributed on (53) families get monthly payment according to the number of families’ members. As a result, the total number of the orphans who get monthly payment is (2139) among (853) family.

In general, what is important to be mentioned here is that these payments are not quite enough to cover orphans needs nowadays according to the country circumstances, because as though the minimum required payment for an individual is ($125) per month. So, Aytamuna Project works on providing additional assistance, that is by Marjeyah support, that can be summarized into the following:

  1. Food and other kinds of support

It consists of home supplies, winter and summer clothes, dry and soft food, and Iftars at the bless month of Ramadan at a rate of (3000) Iftareya in annually.

  • Health Sponsorships

In a cooperation with Medical Department of the Al-Anwar Foundation, Aytamuna project sets up a program in which the coordination with different doctors with various specializations, pharmacies, and analysis laboratory in different places inside Iraq and even outside Iraq for (complicated manners) is accomplished. In addition, Aytamuna Project arranged special booklet containing the members’ information of the orphan’s family in order to check up each one of them and being provided with appropriate remedies and surgeries (major or minor) in urgent conditions. Moreover, we invited some doctors with various important specializations from outside Iraq to Annajaf Al-Ashraf to perform special surgeries (major and minor) concerning heart, dental, and eyes surgeries for some orphans and their families.

  • Legal follow-up:

Widows suffer the reviewing Official Departments and Feminist Organizations concerning death certificates and documents in addition to the costs of transportations as much as lawyers for establishing their documents and so on so forth. From this point, Aytamuna Project coordinates with some lawyers (females) and establishes new committee to facilitate all kinds of applications like changing the ID Card and Death Certificate and other documents proven that they are really orphans and widows. As a result, Aytamuna Project facilitates more than (600) applications like changing ID Cards and Death Certificates.

  • Alms Boxes 

 In a real cooperation with some faithful people (may Allah bless them all), Aytamuna Project works on distributing alms signed boxes at public places, supermarkets, houses, and hotels for collecting general contributions from faithful people. Thus, this process is organized by creating a committee to be responsible about collecting and observing these boxes, and then deliver the sums to the project office to be registered into special files in addition to the signatures of the committee and the project management.

  • Life & Health Insurance

Granting life and health insurance to the registered orphans through covering them with the services and the privileges of Iraqi Insurance Company.

  • Marriage Support

Granting financial and other kinds of assistance for those who intending to marry after finding a suitable partner, and helping them to establish a new family.

  • The operational Loans

 In a cooperation with Al-Ghaith for Loans at Al-Anwar foundation, Aytamuna Project gives loans to small projects to be livelihood source for orphans and their families.

  • Educational & Professions Courses

Aytamuna Project holds many courses which can be classified into :

  1. Educational Courses

 Aytamuna Project holds many free educational courses to the widows and orphans that cover classes in Islamic legitimate rules, beliefs, and ethics according to modern scientific models. Also, Aytamuna project provides the participants of these courses specialist teachers (Academic and Hawaza) for both (males and females) for the purpose of mixing between the Hawaza curriculums and academic as well. In addition, the project also provides other kind of scientific curriculums, studying requirements in addition to free transportations. Also, during these courses, Aytamuna project sets up religious excursions like visiting the Holy shrines of Ahalulbait (piece be up on them) in order to strengthen the ideological aspect and link the people with Ahalulbait (piece be up on them) .

  • Professions Courses

Aytamuna Project holds free professions courses to the widows and female orphans in sewing, hairdressing, and cooking, etc. that is, to teach the widows and the orphans (females) industrial and craft skills. As these trade or profession can be used as a source for their livelihood in the future and improve their standard of living.

  1. Dar Azzahraa (piece be upon her) Charitable Schools

Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir Hussein Al-Najafi (may Allah prolong his life) insisted on the importance of ideological perspective, i.e. (psychological, educational, and scientific) throughout schools and the stages’ levels (from primary school to the higher) and for (males, females, and their families in accordance with eliminating ignorance). As a response to these blessed instructions, the management of Al-Anwar Foundation prepared materials for these levels of school which are:

First: Primary Level.

Second: Secondary Level.

Third: Preparatory Level.

Thus, these schools are labeled as (Dar Azzahraa (piece be upon her) School) according to the Holy Name of the Prophet’s Daughter who was supporting the orphans of the faithful believers. Thus The schools become officially recognized by Iraq Ministry of Education in order to be scientific, charitable, and educational schools for orphans’ segment. In addition, the recognition has been issued in number (188,189) at 11/8/2008 for males and females.

Also, all students (males and females) have been sponsored with monthly payment that is ($30) per month in addition to covering all of them with the cultural, psychological as well as financial activities of the project. However, for more information, you can go through the brochure of Dar Azzahraa (piece be upon her) Schools in both Arabic and English as well.

Aytamuna project Other Activities

  1. Aytamuna Project sets up a quintuple committee which works on weekly visits to the registered orphans’ families and providing (positive or negative) reports about each family.
  2. Aytamuna project works on open-mindedness with correspondence humanitarian organizations inside or outside Iraq through frequent visits, inviting their members, exchange of experiences, and other means of communication to develop the services’ procedures for orphans and their families.
  3. Aytamuna Project has received many delegations from government and humanitarian organizations. In addition, they were amazed by the works of the project which make them provide it with health and financial assistance.
  • Aytamuna Project accomplished reconnaissance visits for orphans in Africa, specifically in Tanzania and distributed some gifts on them.
  • Aytamuna Project is openness to Iraqi Universities and students segments for the purpose of spreading the culture of social solidarity and absorbing the power of youth in volunteerism work.
  • Aytamuna Project developed its official website and provided it with Electronic Payment gateway. Also, it linked the website with more than (25) social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc.


Aytamuna Project made statistics about the actual residence of orphans’ families and the results were:

%15 live in their own houses, but sometimes these houses are not suitable for living at all.

%40 live in rent houses.

%25 live in unauthorized houses.

%10 live with the father›s family.

%10 live with the mother›s family.

Moreover, the incomes of these families are ($125-$200) per month, while the normal actual need for an individual is ($125) per month. So that, the actual normal need of a family consists of 6 members is ($750) per month. However, we are trying to cover their needs as much as possible.